Sales Ability Test

Sales Ability Test

I am ultimately looking for 200 sales people that are able to help me drive and build Instant Web to a a formidable company.

Sales are absolutely about storytelling and that story has to be true!

It is about taking something that is unbelievably complex phenomenon, whether it's technical or services and making it very very simple.

Three bullet points:

  • We do this
  • We do this
  • We do this

If you can't get your idea out in 20-30 seconds, I doubt that you will be able to sell our products.

You have to be able to deliver what you are saying, otherwise you will be out of it very quickly as it is disastrous out of integrity and reputation perspective.

That is what we are, a complex phenomenon that will disrupt the way technology in the website market you know today. And it is unbelievably easy to use and to explain to people. It offers real solutions that is built from integrity and a true spirit to make life real easier.

The questions I asked has a lot of answers that is correct, but fundamentally there is only one answer in sales that is true. This questionnaire is there to determine if you are able to find that one true answer and if you can, you will be notified.

So lets get started:

Sales Person Test

Duration: 3600 Sec

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