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There is and never was any unity between hosting companies, web designers, domain registrars, web developers, SEO specialists, server administrators, white label ISP’s, resellers and the public. The fierce battle for the attention of new business has a devastating effect on the audience, the entrepreneur and consumer.  Consumers are constantly confused, not receiving quality service and or the correct information, leaving such users stranded trying to figure it out by themselves how to be successful on the internet.

It is a fact that people in South Africa, starting their own businesses, are very active as it was once again proven on the Small Business Show held in Gallager Estates this year. More that 25000 people visited the show in search of more information and assistance. The South African government is also actively deploying several entrepreneurial hubs with some of the large mines to assist entrepreneurs.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­With nearly 200 million people between the ages of 15 and 24, Africa has the youngest population in the world. This figure is set to double by 2025, ushering a new generation with the potential to understand and solve pressing social and economic challenges by harnessing the power of digital innovation.

“Innovation has forged a new identity across Africa – where African start-ups are developing solutions and services for African problems.” (African innovations – Liquid telecoms)

This product guarantee consumer true value, saving time, money and effort. It removes significant limitations in the website market. It is reliable and easy to use and more websites can be owned by one person or business simultaneously. The product is market fit and it shows a clear sign of traction in the market as we already experience the demand for the product as sales is generated through indirect efforts (word of mouth). The product is literally bought and not sold to people and the product is presented with an un-refusable offer of value that remove a serious limitation in the market and the market already started adopting the new rules of a small learning curve, ease of use, and control over the complete content and layout of the design of a website.

The product cut the time to a new live site to less than 2 hours removing the limitation of time and learning curve. Most people was not aware that because the time and money it take to develop a website, limited most consumers to one website for all of their products / services. That limitation is now lifted and open the market to wider range of products / services and the ability to advertise effectively. The biggest challenge for any developer or web designer currently is to sell a lot of websites. This is due to the time it take changing templates or build new websites from scratch together with challenges faced with current technology and clients ability to deliver the content on time when requested. This product removes this limitation.

When one take into consideration the amount of businesses that require websites, including those that is un-registered businesses, including those businesses that operates brick and mortar stores in South Africa and worldwide, there are not one company that are able to handle such volumes of business consumers with timeous effectiveness. Most due to technology partners, platforms and existing technologies that just do not cater for effective deployment. Most of the people we have met since 2001 to now, is either out of work or has too much work and in both scenarios, mostly always unable to sustain their own business environment due to the restrictions that software, templates, expansions, platforms, knowledge, learning curves and time spent has an effect on income. This cause that all consumers jump from one to another almost every year and very few in relation to 1 million websites are totally able to afford very expensive developers.


  1. South Africa alone has over 1.5 million non-registered VAT businesses. Most of them in the informal sector and 821 000 formal registered business. That means that there is around 2.3 million businesses.
  2. In February 2015 the 1 million registered domains mark was reach since 1995 in ZACR domain spaces.
  3. With our experience as an accredited domain registrar in the South African domain name space, more than 4 million domain names should already been registered. Accounted for the already registered domains, one can safely say that more than 24% of these domains are unused, suspended, parked or routed to another website. This mean that 240 000 domains are without any website resulting in R840 million rand lost in revenue in the web design sector in South Africa alone. (The sum is calculated at a rate of R3500, vat exclusive, per design with no additional services rendered), updates, renewable domains or hosting.
  4. Web designers want to be able to create websites faster with less issues. Some of the major issues are contributed by web designers and software developers due to a serious issue in the ability to control changes in the current available website template and technologies to design and deploy a website. There is a lot of solutions out there, e.g Wordpress, Joomla, Wix, Weebly, InstaPage who all claim to have millions of users worldwide, each with their own set of learning curve and a lot of un-resolved issues. Templates are easy to change, but once some custom design is requested it is far harder to accomplish. Johan Janssens, one of the creators of Joomla stated this in his brief when he started the Nooku Frameworks back in 2015.
  5. The learning curve for an average person who want to design and code a website of similar size and complexity is at least 100 hours. Using a web developer decrease this by only 49% (51.2 hours). This means that an average website take more than a week to complete and to deploy on average.
  6. Search Engine Ranking is also part of the bigger issue for any website. This attributes for almost most of businesses that set out a website for business to fail. It is hard and it is expensive and the competition is harsh for beginners and even hardened website owners.

“People wants everything, but they are lazy and want it the easy way. It must be like a take away food shop, pick the product, change the order at any time, and swipe his card feeling satisfied that it's all his idea” Cristal Cooper

Nobody cares how you setup your website and how much you struggle with the vast information related to you. There is no support structures, no business you can turn to assist you in your questions and no one you can direct relevant questions to. In fact, you are alone and does not matter what technology you use, you need a real human to help you with your issues, someone you know you can trust and someone who has the right resources at the right time.



 It is a foreign idea, it is for the brave, and everybody think it is too difficult, because it is.

Nobody deployed such a solution due to the complexities and the vast information attached to such deployment, the platforms, the technologies, the partnerships and the development involved to make something like this work and then, automate such a solution that it’ll take literally less than an hour to deploy a client’s website, fully designed.

Instant Web (Pty) Ltd, sole purpose is to provide automated solutions for businesses around the world.

Top 5 factors to consider in business success

The idea is ease of use and personal interaction.

It should take less time to deploy than buying a hamburger. Providing a personal interactive space were you can collaborate in the precense of experts and deploy your online precense effortlessly and with confidence.

It is a fact that every person starting out with a website go through a heavy learning curve, spending a lot of time and effort trying to compete with the best, to get noticed. Sadly, most of the time this efforts results in failure. Failure to compete, failure to push through, failure from every corner of the web, and no backbone support whatsoever or any business to turn to for trusted solutions. Fact is, no one solution was created with ease.

And yet, the process was always simple but totally buried under the heaps of information, both true and false information. If I told you that you can built a website in 15 minutes flat, will you believe me? Of course not. Web developers take ages to complete a website, registering domain names is a schlep, having a hosting partner is difficult to choose and not to talk about spammers and hackers waiting every second to attack your website and email accounts, invading your privacy.

We have studied the internet market thoroughly, tried thousands of applications, even built our own, used many others and partnered with the best, but the problem remained.


Unsatisfied clients that left faster than you can acquire them. Not because of lack of technology, or hosting platforms, or domain names, no, because they felt there is more. More of personal attention, more support, more understanding of their problem.

When you offer the solution, it should include the basic minimum requirements to have a website included with the bells and whistles. People does not understand domains, hosting, web design principles, what is required for advertising and search engine optimization, and so forth and this will remain for years to come.

Even though that the internet has evolved, people want contact with their developers, their web designers, they want to talk about their ideas. THEY WANT IT EASY AND AFFORDABLE and done quickly, but this is not and never was the goal for any developer due to the time it take to deploy.

Over the past 17 years we acquired many talents, experts, engineers, developers, designers and very much anything we could get our hands on. With this knowledge, we started to put together a platform where we can automate all of our tasks, including our website development, domain name registrations, server environments, hosting and software.

This platform is built and deployed. This is what you are invited to invest into our product as a client or become an owner.
It is important to understand, no matter what augmented reality there is available, people will always need personal interaction, someone to share their ideas with, someone who can make their ideas a reality.

An excellent example is the success of First National Bank in South Africa. There are other banks that does exactly the same, offer the same service. Ever wondered why they are so successful? They have the best online banking interface probably in the world, but still they have branches in every town and city and you are forced to visit a branch every now and then. This create the personal touch required.

And this is exactly how Instant Web (Pty) Ltd will become disruptive:

  1. Fully automated online system with built in marketing systems and add-ons.
  2. Brick and Mortar personal service centres with fully trained personnel.
  3. Recurring income from returning customers who will want to expand their online systems.


It is a solution for the public, businesses, the audience, it is for hosting companies, web designers, web developers, and will create lots of job opportunities, boosting the business market and enhance communication between all of the subscribed companies and eventually bring unity between hosting companies, internet service providers, web designers, developers, and the creative ones. It will create a standard that everyone can work from.

What make the difference?

It is like Shoprite Checkers. They offer a boast of products. Let’s take an example:

Your website is your home on the internet. Many people forgot the simple architecture of this idea. Pieter Rubeus

Both Koo and Rhodes supplies packed vegetables. They both rent space from Checkers, they both offer the same products, packed in different labels, same tin can and same ingredients. But, the fact is, some people prefer Koo over Rhodes, even though Rhodes is at times cheaper.

It’s just a choice of preference.

This is exactly the same with servers and hosting. All the companies in South Africa does exactly the same thing, providing you with space and bandwidth. But, some prefer Afrihost, some Hetzner, some Web Africa some Living Technologies ICT but most customers prefer resellers due to personal service they are receiving. And resellers resell.

It just a choice of preference and if you offer all choices with personal service, you become the preferred supplier.

Understanding the product

No matter how you package hosting, it just still comes down to space and bandwidth allocation you are paying for.

The internet is not much different than building a house.

No learning curve, start building immediately with more than 150 content blocks to help for faster deployment.

You need an address and space to build on. Then you need to consult an architect who help you plan and design your house starting with the standard layouts, e.g. size or rooms, kitchen, sitting room, toilet, and sleeping rooms. Then you will need somebody to build your house on those plans.

After all is done, you will need some basic add-ons like security, swimming pool, play area, etc.

Then you will let people know where you live so they can visit you.

Basically this is what the internet is as well.

Your address is your domain name.

Your architect is your web designer. (Planners and advisors)

Your builder is your web developer.

(Most of the time the designer and developer is the same person)

Then you need marketing done.

This simple concept explained above can take months before deployment. Not because it is difficult, but because the platforms to deploy the above instantly did not exists.

Our service deployment will take on the following processes, but are not limited to the workflow:

  1. Customer can use the online portal or visit a store in one of the cities or towns.
  2. Customer register online or at an information desk who provides the necessary information on how to use the services of Instant Web (Pty) Ltd. Customers add funds to their account via credit card or finance.
  3. Customer proceed to planners. Planners help plan the customers portfolio of services required, working against time billing, providing the required technologies inclusive of the time spent.
  4. Customer plan is then sent to developers electronically or designed by developers in the presence of the customer in real time with selected blocks that are edited inline.
  5. After site deployment, customer can acquire more specialized services like, SEO, Metrix Chain Marketing, videos, add-ons like newsletters, contact forms, CRM’s, shopping carts, etc.

For this to work, you need a serious network of stable servers, both virtual private servers and dedicated servers, programs that works seamlessly with software that integrate with WordPress, Joomla, custom site builders, landing pages, automated billing systems and automated provisioning of services, payment gateways and accounting systems, including point of sale and telephone system integration.

Communications are key to the success of this platform and therefore we integrated VoIP into our platforms, together with SMS, emails, push notifications, notices, and our own marketing platform.

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