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What it mean for the community:

Most local people that are developers, programmers, coders, graphic designers, web designers and freelancers who develop websites, advertising, branding for people and business will tell you how hard this it is to find customers and keep them due to individual projects. Once completed the hunt for the next start and repeating ongoing.

Instant Web (Pty) Ltd will change that with our software and we will use local expertise and companies to deploy the product into the market. Programmers, developers, freelancers, web designers, graphic designers, photographers will be contracted and we will train people to work with us. It simply means that we can use local expertise creating jobs and valued projects for our people.

What it mean for the consumer:

Simplicity, saving lots of time and money, better web experience and a small learning curve. Access to web shops and qualified software engineers and programmers with full support. Customers can now create more websites much easier than ever.

What it mean for the investor:

Software that is almost free create and income stream with big Return on Investment. Adding full support and a place where people can go and get real human help that is creating a product people will trust.

Domain names, hosting, website design, SEO and add-on services are a lucrative market for any HSP or ISP. It is something beautiful, something wonderful and I can’t stand the fact that it is eroded, it’s been changed and it’s been ruined with no unity between any service provider, designer or registrar and it is in chaos. It became so difficult and expensive and the entry level into the online market just isn’t working for most. Because websites = difficult = money = time = someone else is in control of my website and you are paying.

This product is market fit. It removes serious limitations in time and learning curves. It solves the problem of mass website distribution, maintenance and updates. It is for consumers, businesses, web designers, developers, hosting companies, domain registrars. It saves lot of time and lift the limit every consumer and web designer have to deal with every day.


Like a take-away shop, pick a product, change the order any time and swipe your card feeling satisfied that it is all your idea! Today's customers demand things on the fly. We have turned into an “I want it now” society. This shift in marketing happened largely due to the change in technology that become available. If you create a piece of software that is essentially free to reproduce, you can keep being paid over and over perpetually. The website market is ready for a solution that solve the problem of scattering around.

The heart of innovation is not about a solo genius, it is about collective geniuses with passion and software that work in harmony. Client attraction to banish fear and help you feel comfortable and confident about your online business knowing that you are backed by experts. We do online businesses way faster and simpler than anyone else. Millions of businesses are doing it in every sector of the world and thousands of others fail. I wanted to be able to create hundreds of relevant index-able websites in a day! A website I can create under 15 minutes. Ultimately creating a sustainable platform for every online business to turn to.

Discovering ways to define your ideal markets with tools you normally would have to pay big bucks for. It is the UBER of internet! Having the best minds on the market in conformity and in partnership providing the services in an automated process, ensuring low entry fee and a combination of services deployed.

We have some formidable competitors, but I want you to know what we are here to do, what we are to accomplish, is something that they have never even thought about, or were even able to put together. The solution combined all of the offerings on the internet in one powerful automated system that is based on SIMPLICITY and automated execution. No matter what others do or try or say in this space, they will never be able to deliver what we created, because we evolve and we don’t stop to look back.

As we all know, having a website is crazy expensive. The hidden cost of everything you need, that is just ridiculous. Like a critter swallowing money. It’s crazy the time it take, not easy, and man, the craziest thing is, they can tell you anything and you won’t know if they just want your money, waste your space and cash you in.

I have a question? What would you’re online business be like if you were able to transmit information in real time? EFFORTLESSLY AND WITH SIMPLICITY? No really, if you were completely confident, you knew exactly what to expect and how to implement your idea in minutes!

How would that impact your business today?

What would your life be like when you are able to ATTRACT CLIENTS EFFORTLESSLY? If you knew exactly what to say and you had all the best strategies for reaching your ideal prospect online?

How would that change your life?

I want it to be easy, simple and effective. I want freedom and not just any freedom. I want a website that truly adapts to change the way we are. The one that will completely bring a standard everyone would want to use. One that understands the problems we face today with the internet and the time we waste on re-creating existing designer ideas instead of offering a solution that adapts with us!

I hired coaches, mentors, I took countless courses and through many trials and tribulations, start and trial businesses, customers, successes, failures, try again start testing new technologies and partnerships, but nothing was working, all came back to one problem, SIMPLICITY AND SPEED!

I was finally able to piece it together. I finally was able to integrate and use existing technologies and make it fast, really fast. So fast that I can built a website in minutes. Transmit my message in minutes in video, text or pictures.

But, because I don't want you to figure it out in drips and draps, the way I did, I have assembled the servers, software and processes, closed the partnerships, integrate the solution, so that you can experience the internet the way it was meant to be years ago. You will be able to setup your home, with a popular address, design your house, decorate it with the best designers, and let everyone know you’re alive and to create your website the way you want it.

Imagine all of this done in minutes.

Explaining some of the service solutions                                                                                                                                             

  1. Most landing pages or websites lack the following:
    1. Asking for the sale and provide the means to do the sale
    2. Credibility and proof that you are what you say. We solve it with Seal Generator that verifies the client’s website in several ways. You can see this in action on at the bottom.
    3. Phone, email, sms and login verification on a created account for fraud.
    4. Auto Client deletion removes account after a period not in use.
    5. Close account by client or by admin that is dormant and is in conjunction with the below module.
    6. Cancel invoices to prevent the problem we experience with VAT payments on unpaid invoices
    7. Appointment scheduler to schedule appointments in real time with developers, designers and support in the web-shops.
    8. Time and Task Manager, bill in hours for incidents, support and development time. An important module to track the time spent by support and developers as well as bill clients for time spent on projects and give real feedback for customers on what they pay for.
    9. Voice over IP in the billing system to call clients over the network saving tons of money on telephone calls, support and tracking of time spent with clients.
    10. Auto installer of the main components in Joomla, e.g. iSEO, Ad Agency, GuruLMS, JomSocial platform, Publisher Pro, Website Builder, Quick Contact, Socialize and AcyMailing for Mass Emailing with a difference.
    11. Project Management and the list goes on.
  2. Payment gateways for clients to get paid:
    1. We provide MyGate
    2. Payfast
    3. Zapper
    4. SnapScan
    5. Paypal and 148 other payment gateways.
  3. Shopping carts for ecommerce:
    1. We provide 4 major shopping systems of which AbanteCart is our favourite.
  4. Search Engine Optimization
    1. We provide Attracta, the Hoth and iSEO at no cost.
  5. Maintenance, updates and upgrades
    1. Our system is automated and will auto upgrade client’s websites with an option at R45 for visual upgrades and we have all clients on a dashboard. This is by far the biggest lucrative market available as many websites are outdated or hacked. Our dashboard solves that. We can provide at no cost or per recovery and this option will solely be decided by the investors to charge for or not.
  6. Backups
    1. We have hourly, daily, weekly and monthly updates. We can provide at no cost or per recovery and this option will solely be decided by the investors to charge for or not.
  7. Landing pages for sale conversions
    1. Many websites need sale generators. Our software solves that and a landing page can literally being built within minutes.

This list goes on and on. The package provided to a client is worth R18000 for a small yearly fee that put any competition to provide the same service out of reach. Can they duplicate, yes, maybe. The problem is you got to know how it was put together and make all of the components, modules and add-ons work together in a seamless way. This is the edge we got.

Would you want to be part of it and see how it improves the way we do things today?

Do you have the guts to take the risk with us and help us hire and train people to make this a reality?

Is this something you are interested in?

If you got the guts for glory, and the money, lots of it, then I want you to become part of this disruption in technology. I got the tools and expertise to make it work if you got the money to put it out in the public.

Do you want proof that our concept is ready for the market?

All you have to do is sign up, order and try it yourself. Experience the automation in real time.

Experience how easy it is to use this software, how much time you save and little you have to know to build that extraordinary online business that your customers will love. Even better, it all will cost you just a fraction to get access to professionals, talking to you in person and understanding the dream you want to create. It is now possible to sell this solution in shops. It is fast and it works.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with one thought:

As you finish reading or listening to this pitch, remember that today, you are experiencing technology that will forever change the way we interact with website software. When you interact with the next entrepreneur, remember how life changing this technology is, because that person you meet would have already tried out all of the different solutions and lost the most valuable thing: SIMPLICITY AND TIME!

Quality of life will increase, a wrong will be fixed in the website market and people will have better access to technology that is faster and consumer friendly, and the solution is something good, something beautiful and it is us who should make it better for everyone. Our passion will come to live!


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