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The problem and the solution of InstantWeb


There is and never was any unity between hosting companies, web designers, domain registrars, web developers, SEO specialists, server administrators, white label ISP’s, resellers and the public. The fierce battle for the attention of new business has a devastating effect on the audience, the entrepreneur and consumer.  Consumers are constantly confused, not receiving quality service and or the correct information, leaving such users stranded trying to figure it out by themselves how to be successful on the internet.

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Executive summary of InstantWeb


What it mean for the community:

Most local people that are developers, programmers, coders, graphic designers, web designers and freelancers who develop websites, advertising, branding for people and business will tell you how hard this it is to find customers and keep them due to individual projects. Once completed the hunt for the next start and repeating ongoing.

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Explaining disruptiveness in InstantWeb


“Disruption happens when an existing industry faces a challenge that offers far greater value to the customer in a way that existing firms cannot compete with directly”. Professor David Rogers, Columbia Business School

To understand our passion and believe in this platform, you need to understand “disruptiveness”. 

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With instant service delivery also came the desire to skip the registration process and save our clients even more time on their road to success.

Thus as from Augst 2017, the partnering, software and hardware testing to provide automated registration of clients accounts with us, is now as quick and easy as putting your finger on the light. A feature we are happy to say will be available at all our planned stores nation wide. Should our system not be able to locate your information for registration, the manual process will only take 5 minutes. 

Clients can at any time go online to their profile to ensure their details are up to date and all services and communications runs smoothly. The account provides features to manage all services, communicate, view invoices and make payments - all directly online.

This feature also allows our store to provide a secure and relaxed environment. Please also read our article on "Instore Freedom".