How to invest with Instant Web

How to invest in Instant Web (Pty) Ltd

Options to invest in Instant Web?
1. Acquiring preferential shares from existing shareholders. For this you require an invitation from an existing shareholder.
2. Acquiring Ordinary shares: The over the counter trade desk is not active at the moment. Thus you can ask us to remind you when it is ready.
2. Become an independant contractor, delivering work for us and get paid by the hour.
3. Become an affiliate. Earn commission on a recurring monthly basis as long as your reference use our services.

Instant Webis a venture that are set out to change how online businesses will work from now on. We plan to deploy portable selfhelp centres all over South Africa and Africa to give people a meaningful and quick way to meet with us to solve or enhance a website with our software, marketing of websites, apps, backups, internet access, registration of companies, automation with WhatsApp artificial intelligence (AI), and to help deploy successful businesses online. With that comes personal interaction and automated provisioning of services while the customer are meeting with us, enhancing the ability to deliver services immediately.

You probably already experienced how hard it is to find affordable, qualified, experience business planners, developers or marketing gurus to assist you in deploying an online business effectively. Fact is that it cost an arm & an a leg many entrepreneurs can’t afford or have access to directly. This is a worldwide problem & a bigger problem in Africa including start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Instant Web is a solution that solve this problem effectively. It is simplistic, fast, easy to use for both customers and employees & enable the user to deploy a wide range of services quickly & effectively. Never was it so possible to offer solutions directly in the face of the retail market where people can interact with specialists remotely. This system provide instant provisioning of company registrations, domains (including Africa domains), hosting, web builder tools, marketing, seo and affordable, fast and reliable internet and telecommunication services that solves a lot of startup issues immediately. And all of this in a matter of minutes & not days.

How we build and maintain complex scalable software to deliver

We are super passionate about technology! We are obsessed with designing and develop web solutions that are innovative, fast, reliable and automate businesses and allow companies to grow. With automated software that work while we sleep, is by far the cheapest and most reliable option to invest in. It does not get sick, need a smoke break or go slow.

How we help build custom driven software for unique needs of our customers

Using software that is essentially free to reproduce yield high returns on investment helping achieve the exact need of business and their clients. Web Apps are everywhere and assist companies to grow and if it does not exist, we create it.

How investing in software and data is the best technology option you can make

Devices, cars, AI, internet, web applications, social media, videos, streaming, movies are all factors using data that we provide. Software is the backbone on which this services are delivered to the masses and all of it rely on data. This explains why investing in data is a very good option.

Download our documents to learn more about us!

The documents below will give you a better insight on the reason behind Instant Web and why we are deploying to enhance the way businesses are deployed online. Download the summary Download the services summary Download the full Web Disruption
How investing in Instant Web data is a good choice
How investing in Instant Web data is a good thin

Independent Contractors

Activate your affiliate / Independent contractors account with Instant Web in just 3 easy steps. All for free.

Step 1

Create a free account with us at

Step 2

Login to your account and go to Independent Contractors Dashboard and activate your account.

Step 3

Send your link provided to family, friends and people you know and start earning money for each sale you make on a recurring basis.

Getting your hands on a Self Help Terminal

Are you a business, sales person, franchisee? We provide innovative self help terminals that will easily compliment your business. It is perfect to increase your recurring revenue on a monthly basis by selling data, domains, websites, company registrations, backup solutions and much more and we provide complete training with the self help terminal. With little investment in the self help terminal, you get a vast array of services right in your environment and increases the income by 100 fold.
Instant Web self help terminals

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