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Artificial Intelligence Bots (AI Bots) are the future of mankind. Since 2015 we started to develop software to integrate bots to perform tasks that is repetitive. Today, June 2020 we reach the milestone to implement AI bots for companies, schools, medical institutions, clubs, e-commerce, shopping, education, entertainment, marketing, travel, finance, games, factories, printers, laundries or any business or task you can think off. AI bots can take orders, process information, answer questions, speak to clients and help people to follow the processes a business need in order to determine the correct action, service or product a client want.

Did you know that bots are a great communication tool that will astonish you with its capabilities? Did you know that you can also have a bot in addition to a website or mobile application, to introduce your services and provide a service to your users?

A bot is a perfect solution for people who want it easy, who are constantly on the phone, who do not have time and are in a hurry, who may not have suitable internet connections or do not have the pleasure of surfing on the internet.

Currently, businesses communicate to customers through different ways such as personal presence, phone, websites or mobile apps, but now with the advent of bots, you can use and introduce your bots to your customers. This bot does not need to be installed. It is quick and easy to access by users and provide quick and easy answers to the client, offering a product or service required, take payments and place the order.

 People are using phones all the time and easily connect with your business without a lot of effort. It saves them time and can get answers quickly and effectively by asking questions on the chat app they use every day.

Hosting is like your building of your business. Go cheap or choose wisely.

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When you require help with your internet connection, website, marketing, security or your telecommunication , you need it today and you expect professional assistance. Instant Web provide superior web design software with our hosting packages, provide domain names for marketing and expansion, super fast Fixed LTE internet, security that protect your data, voice calls at 16c per minute, company registrations the same day, and support that outpace any other company!

We at Instant Web just do that! We make sure that you get the support you are requiring the same day you need it. Our fees are not overpriced and delivers the expertise that otherwise would cost an arm and a leg.