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Instant Web automated provisioning billing is a state of the art platform that enables you to quickly and effectively deploy services you require to succeed with your business. We are proud to say that we are able to integrate any vendor or platform to make it easier for you to use.

Instant connect you to the internet instantly

Connect to the internet instantly

Register your company in one day

Instant Companies
Instant billing automate your business

Automate your business with us

Inexpensive Instant domains fast

Inexpensive domains fast. We are an accredited domain registrar protecting our clients domains worldwide

Secured encrypted hosting. At R39 per month your website finally found a home that never fail.

Instant hosting at R39 per month

Your website designed - in minutes. We provide state of the art website builders

Our passion for SIMPLICITY

You probably already experienced how hard it is to find affordable, qualified, experience business planners, developers or marketing gurus to assist you in deploying a business effectively. 

Our solution solve this problem effectively. It is simplistic, fast, easy to use for both you and our employees. It enable us to deploy a wide range of services quickly and effectively. We provide instant provisioning of company registrations, domains (including Africa domains), hosting, web builder tools, marketing, seo and affordable, fast and reliable internet and telecommunication services that solves a lot of business issues immediately.

And all of this in a matter of minutes & not days.

Why Choose Us

We did all the hard work for you already. We sourced, programmed, integrate and closed some serious partnerships to be able to deliver to you only the best services available and thereby enhanced your chance to succeed with your business irrespective of what kind of business you have.

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Planning is everything

We help you plan, develop and implement the complete spectrum of your business online with the advice of our experience and professional approach to solve problems.

We deploy in no time

We are able to deploy your ideas into actions within a very short period of time. No more waiting, no problem to make changes and definitely no more issues with misunderstand deployments as it happens in real time.

We've got your back all the way

We do backups in real time, we are able to update and upgrade your software to the latest stable version and test it pixel by pixel ensuring that your website is never broken.

People who trust us

It is you, our clients and partners that make our business great. We achieved great skills with the help of all that of the people that trust us. Here is just a few mentioned and we are proud of all of you.
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